Canyon Team Premiership Season 5





Maprequest deadline

21/03/2021 23:59 CET

Sign-up deadline

11/04/2021 12:00 CEST

Competition start

12/04/2021 20:00 CEST

Competition end


Prize pool
In addition to eternal fame for the winner, a total prize pool of €540,- will be available for the top four teams:
  1. €230,-
  2. €160,-
  3. €100,-
  4. €50,-
If you're interested in making a donation to the prize pool, please contact HaagseSmurf on Discord.

Official streamers
Esszz & ninadore
Access to match servers is restricted to teammembers, admins and registered streamers. Please contact the adminteam if you want to stream matches, other than matches your team plays in. Depending on the stream(ers) available, the admin team will decide who'll be allowed to access the servers.

Special thanks
Phoebe, HaagseSmurf, Mad.dox, Noni, V!nce, Wind, Monheim and Samz for providing the prize pool!
Cloud, eyebo, FatKid, HaagseSmurf, hec_ker, Larentz, Mebe12, Phoebe, Racho and Yogosun for testing all maps and determining the mappacks!
Mebe12 for creating the mod for all competition maps!



Stage Start time End time
Qualification 12/04/2021 20:00 CEST 18/04/2021 12:00 CEST
Groupstage 25/04/2021 14:00 CEST 23/05/2021 22:00 CEST


Name Players Roster Signed-up on
Godspeed 2 6 godspeed²Tilteur.аія, godspeed.Cedleouf, godspeed²Jaĸ-ĸaſ, godspeed' x CSb¹»ΠӔレ700, godspeed' OldNick ''', godspeed²Djib 04/04/2021
ad'Racing.cut 6 ad'Hadschin!, TђєB๏รร, ad'Hansik!.сטт, erique.сטт, rumelius2.сטт, ad'Schellione! 04/04/2021
Amplified 6 hypeboys.Mєbє12, da¢SP´ Cloud, амрיBull, J-B|Skuggaco, MnM| Yogosun , MnM| Riley  05/04/2021
ad'Racing.Shemales 6 ad'Sneaky!, ad'ŦαtƘiđ!, ad'kAPP!, ad'masterKey!, ad'Wiהđ.ѕнeмaleѕ, ΛD Lokring! 05/04/2021
Demise / Team Spectrum I 5 SpectrumV!nce™, SpectrumMinecr@ft Playerッ, SpectrumGravelGuy , SpectrumQuasar!, Demise suiraM 06/04/2021
Twister Eagles 4 [TWE]Wulf, [TWE] Sora メ, [TWE] __Niッ, [TWE] gimpel♦ 07/04/2021
dore²cuo 6 dore|Benzo, dore|Smytherines, dore|hec_ker, dore|Mattiford .Butter, dore|Ý@KùŠï, dore|Q'ManNni 08/04/2021
fumiers 6 Talkie, Quentin43, elmt.Nodd, fumier'Cocø, fumier Mury, godspeed²$bЯIΛS 08/04/2021
extremely Disorientated 6 exD.Greenius», exD.Lmb-willy;, exD.MaJAKze;P,, >>Hobbymillionär<<, passi eK. 08/04/2021
Smurfs R Us (SRUS) 6 HaagseSmurf SruS, Jostein, mx.eyebo, ShellyKittySmurf, W1llaSmurf, banjee»UD¬ 08/04/2021
hypeboys 2 4 hypeboys.Helico, Zybs, hypeboys.MrTrolyMoly, $0.ydooWoody  08/04/2021
Schtroumpf 5 RocheSchtroumpf, mx Eternity Smurf -TBS๛, dr_eugene, βяσ's Shweetz, Ҳア$ccヅLapiZzaEnFeUSmurf 08/04/2021
Woufgang 6 ฟaғ »Tunder!, abc, orKsGP Hand, ฟaғ » Wolff, ฟaғ » AzNRoD ズ, orKsGP lдsdесоеця 09/04/2021
Waf Gang 5 ฟaғ »samz!, ฟaғ »кυैैdz. , ฟaғ » Ninige♣, ฟaғ »Azrøth, orKsGP QyoKouille. ฟaғ » 09/04/2021
Tactical Wallbang Smurfs (TWS) 6 NoniSmurf, GααrαSmurf, procoliSmurf, Buτıғarra.иc, GignSmurf, AΙяіe 09/04/2021
Team Spectrum II 5 SpectrumCinimini!, SpectrumNemesis 力, SpectrumМѻинミιм.งツว, 〝$mŧ×ŧ〟, Mσяσdíη~ 10/04/2021
Apex 6 Hjaalmar१, .Ťђc»eeleagle, αρεxヘ Lumi, αρεxヘW1sP, αρεxヘ xεnomorφhis, Plambt 10/04/2021
Revival 6 ☺.яеdfѳg³º³ , Cyborg〢Far้Zz., яеѵ.כһαҳ, яеѵ ミÐェ乙ツ, Pouët'Tiitii , яеѵ.zort.x 10/04/2021
Rusty Germans 6 Lars.oA, Norman, Insan!ty.Maxi, xd.ηιсο, Dunno|ѕקסैהפєツ, Failen9$fc.Marius89 10/04/2021
Tail Chasers 6 BowrisSmurf, 〜ƪεѻ ৷੧০੫, Ҳアヅ FreeBird , Beatinfected, 7יthLateralusaint, דмν»McBain װै 14/04/2021