Maprequest for: Canyon Team League Season 2





Maprequest deadline

06/12/2022 23:59 CET

Sign-up deadline

02/01/2023 16:00 CET

Competition start

02/01/2023 20:00 CET

Competition end

12/03/2023 21:30 CET

Tech is in da house!
We're asking you all to help us out by sending in your best Canyon tech maps!

After submitting your map, a panel of experts will be testing and rating your map. The best maps will be selected for use in the competition. If your map is going to be used and it just needs a few tweaks, you'll be requested via mail or Discord to make those improvements and submit a new version.

DO NOT put your map on ManiaExchange or make it available in any other way until you've been given the go-ahead by the competition admin. Maps already available somewhere will automatically be rejected. If you have not been contacted by the maptesters / competition admins once the last mappack of the competition is released, then feel free to release your map without SCL naming and signing.

Check out all the requirements, before sending it through:
  • Mapname: "SCL - Name"
    • Add the spaces around the "-";
    • Start your mapname with a capital;
    • Keep your map name appropriate;
    • Team- and playernames (exact or similar) are not allowed in the mapname;
    • No special signs are allowed in the name.
  • General requirements
    • Maplength: 55-65 seconds;
    • Style: (speed)tech (not multilap);
    • Mood: Day, Sunrise or Sunset;
    • GPS, intros and outros are forbidden;
    • Use of mods is forbidden;
    • You're allowed to change the ambience, but do it responsibly;
    • Create a map design that's fun and enjoyable to drive;
    • Make sure the map is respawnable;
    • Refine and polish the route, scenery and signage before submitting your map.
  • Blockusage
    • Use a range of blocks, avoid only using platform and GP-blocks;
    • Embedded blocks are allowed (preferably not as scenery);
    • Checkpoints should be placed (around) every 10 seconds (keep possible cuts in mind though);
    • Placing checkpoints backwards is forbidden;
    • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs;
    • Add a podium to your map;
    • Make sure your scenery helps guide the driver through your map;
    • Minimize scenery when it's out of view of the drivers/spectators;
    • Ensure the scenery doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs;
    • Avoid blinding tunnelexits and too dark sections.
  • Sign usage
  • Map availability
    • The map has not been used in any competition before;
    • The map is only known by yourself;
    • The map is not uploaded anywhere except here.