Canyon Team League Season 1





Maprequest deadline

12/12/2021 23:59 CET

Sign-up deadline

09/01/2022 12:00 CET

Competition start

10/01/2022 20:00 CET

Competition end

27/02/2022 23:00 CET

The Canyon Team League is a new type of competition on Canyon pitching the same level of teams against each other to produce exciting and close matches every week!

As usual, the competition starts with the qualification stage, where your team of 4-6 players will have a week to set the best times on two maps (the best three players count). Groups of four teams will be created based on the qualification to create the first groupstage matchday divisions. The best four teams form Division 1, 5th through 8th form Division 2, etc.

The groupstage will consist of six matchdays, where each division will play a match of three submatches - with three players from every team - in Rounds on a mappack (of three maps) that's used for two weeks. The team with the most points at the end of the match is promoted to the division above; the team with the least points is relegated to the division below. Each division will have a few provided timeslots to choose from when they can play the match (the matches for the last matchday are fixed).

The team ending up first in Division 1 at the last matchday will win this first season of the Canyon Team League!

Special thanks to
Maptest team: eyebo, FatKid, HaagseSmurf, hec_ker, LarentzSmurf, Mebe12, Racho, RocheSmurf, V!nce and Yogosun
Liaising with map authors to update maps: eyebo, Mebe12 (our top liaison!) and Racho
Mappack videos: eyebo and GaaraSmurf
Donating to our prize pool: AlrieSmurf, Cinimini, EternitySmurf, eyebo, FatKid, HaagseSmurf, Hadschin, Hotdog, JohnBoySmurf, NoniSmurf, OpsicSmurf, PangoLynne, Quasar, samz, V!nce and VirTuOz

Prize pool
In addition to eternal fame for the winner, a total prize pool of €1161,- will be available for the top four teams thanks to donations. If you're interested in making a donation to the prize pool, please contact HaagseSmurf on Discord.
  • Winner: the eternal fame of winning and €600,-
  • Second: €300,-
  • Third: €150,-
  • Fourth: €111,-



Stage Start time End time
Qualification 10/01/2022 20:00 CET 16/01/2022 12:00 CET
Groupstage 23/01/2022 14:00 CET 27/02/2022 22:00 CET


Name Players Roster Signed-up on
Los Compadres 6 GrymNick, mx.eyebo, evo | CD, mx.Arkive, mx.Plambt, mx Bucky 26/12/2021
ad' Racing! 6 ad'Sneaky!, ad'ŦαtƘiđ!, ad'Hadschin!, ad'masterKey!, ad'Wiהđ!, ad'Mad.dox! 02/01/2022
DieuVitesse 6 DieuVitesse'Tilteur.аія, godspeed²Jaĸ-ĸaſ, godspeed.Dacapo, VieuVitesse.кυैdz, godspeedSAMZ, godspeed'Budzi. 02/01/2022
hypeboys Gold 6 hypeboys.Mєbє12, hypeboys.EriK, MnM| Yogosun , hypeboys.GravelGuy, hypeboys.Skuggaco, Demise suiraM 03/01/2022
Spectrum 6 SpectrumV!nce™, SpectrumV!rtuozッ, SpectrumQuasar! , SpectrumМѻинミιм.งツว, Spectrumтαкเтo, Spectrum Lmb-willy; 03/01/2022
Apex 6 αρεxヘeeleagle, αρεxヘ Hjaalmar१, αρεxヘ xεnomorφhis, αρεxヘ じơЯĐ V凡じđĔmŌŕđ, αρεxヘ ¡עαταнαƶε!, αρεxヘ「Ǥ」- Zis 04/01/2022
Schtroumpf 6 RocheSchtroumpf, mx Eternity Schtroumpf , dr_eugene, βяσ's Shweetz, ฟaғ »Stµैη', WAF.YOT 04/01/2022
hypeboys Black 6 Zybs, hypeboys.нσт-๔σg, hypeboys.Anxiety, hypeboys.คгкєร, hypeboys.night, hypeboys.Bull 04/01/2022
Smurfs Canyon Legends (SCL) 6 HaagseSmurf, mickaleus $SSCL , civ0Smurf, Jostein, banjee, мΞīŜTΞŖĉZ シ SCL 05/01/2022
Team Alamo 4 Parker, mmoreno_4, Kali, glovertm 05/01/2022
Spectrum II 6 SpectrumCinimini»L9, Spectrum Tkyos , Spectrum Mσяσ, Spectrum DekZ, 〝ŧ×ŧ〟, Spectrum tcrdragracing 05/01/2022
dore²cuo 6 [dore²cuo] hec_ker , [dore²cuo] Benzo , dore|Smytherines, dore|Light»º , N., יDanneיSmurf 06/01/2022
Revival 6 rev.redfog シ, Cyborg〢Far้Zz., яеѵ ミÐェ乙ツ, grrrspeed.Funay , Zickman, яеѵ.Ŗҽđ Şђrҽđҽr 〤 06/01/2022
Front Flip Smurfs (FFS) 6 MazerSmurf,, JohnBoy$mSmurf, LarentzSmurf, AΙяіeSmurf, procoliSmurf 07/01/2022
Twister Eagles 4 [TWE]Wulf, [TWE] Sora メ , [TWE] __Niッ, [TWE] gimpel♦ 07/01/2022
Accidental Retire Smurfs (ARS) 6 NoniSmurf, BuτıғarraSmurf, opsiqSmurf, GigonSmurf, $0$09GreeN Smurf, $L[]Legion2k  07/01/2022
Insan!ty 6 Insan!ty.k' , GC I| Schnulli'.Insan!ty, Insan!ty.Maxi, Insan!ty.snek, Insan!ty.Spitfire, hyp 07/01/2022
branchégarçons' 6 bg.djib, rez.平和, Quentin43, Nodd, bg'Cocø, Talkie 08/01/2022
Totally Uninspired Racing Drivers 6 {TURD}Crazazy, mykadelic, {TURD}JR1988, $f.S$ftouk, W1llaSmurf, {TURD}Ervin 08/01/2022
νеиаія 6 νеиаія.Phoenix'', аіяνеи Boom., ям.мама, Galba !, Nέ๓έsiई, niktoa» Lelouch! 08/01/2022
KO-Bois 6 RG Marius89, ».ender, hollist, Voyager006, asse.4W, Loud Lars [50] 09/01/2022
аіяνеи 6 аіяνеи Aro, Porix, аіяνеи Vince, аія.Frink|Ł, Airven.Cib, Splaysh 09/01/2022

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