Rulebook for: Canyon Endurance Premiership Season 7





Maprequest deadline

25/10/2020 23:59 CET

Sign-up deadline

15/11/2020 12:00 CET

Competition start

16/11/2020 20:00 CET

Competition end

17/01/2021 22:00 CET

All participants of the Canyon Endurance Premiership are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators, streamers and the admins. The admin team reserves the right to make decisions which are not covered by the rules, to preserve spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

The admin team reserves the right to change this rulebook before and during the premiership, in order to cover things which weren't covered before, or to change bits in order to improve the premiership. If you see any mistakes in this rulebook, please contact the admin team.

Team size
Every team should consist of at least 3 players and at most 4 players.

If at the end of a competition stage two teams have the same amount of points, the amount of first places will decide who gets the better position. This continues down the order until a non-draw has been established.

Access to matches
Access to the matches in this premiership is limited to the playing teams (this includes playing and non-playing members), the adminteam and registered streamers. Streamers should contact the admin team well ahead in time to gain access to the servers and be allowed to broadcast the matches. In case a spectator (so either non-playing teammember or streamer) disrupts or attempts to disrupt the match, they will be excluded from the server.

Tournament structure

The tournament starts with a qualification phase which will take place. All players can join the tournament server and drive on two maps for three laps. The times will be submitted to the tournament website, which will compile an overview of all times of the teams and display them ranked by the combined score of the two best players per team. The qualification will decide in which group the teams will be competing.
(14-11): Qualifying has to be done with at least two players. If your team does not have two players with times on both maps, you will not qualify for the groupstage.
(14-11): The admin team reserves the right to place teams in a higher group than qualification indicated if they feel the team doesn't belong in the group they qualified in. This will increase the amount of teams in the higher group, as it will not lead to demotion of a team rightfully qualified to the higher group.

After the qualifications, the teams are split into two: the top ten form the Premier League, the rest of the teams form the Open League. Every Sunday for a period of six weeks, the two groups will play against eachother on six different maps (one map per week).

(14-11): The top four of the Premier League will directly advance to the Grand Final. The next four of the Premier League and the top four of the Open League will play in the Qualification Final, for the remaining four spots in the Grand Final. The bottom two of the Premier League and the non-top four teams in the Open League do not advance.

Working of a match
Players in the match / scoring
(14-11)Every team will have two players in the match. The scoring is done according to this list of points: 25-22-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (every finisher gets at least one point). The scores of both players are added up and added to the team score.

Map laps
During the groupstage each map will be played for 24 laps.

Connecton issues/not getting to the finishline
When you're not able to finish within the timelimit or if you get connection issues, you'll be awarded half-points (rounded up to the nearest full number) if you've finished at least 75% of the race.

The groups will play after eachother on the same server, which is hosted by Serverinformation will be send to all participants before the qualification.

Be on time!
It is not possible to join the game later. Be prepared that the game can start at the exact moment announced before and that the game admin might not wait for teams/players to join!

As every team can have four players in the team, it should be doable to be at every matchdate with two players. Not showing up at all is not appreciated and will be penalized by a tournament kick after two no-shows.
(14-11): If just one player of the team plays on a matchday, only half points will be awarded.

Match results
The game admin will save the results and these will be published in a timely manner on the tournament website. It is not possible to protest the results registered by the admin.

Even though we don't want to use any penalties in a competition (think about fair play!), we do include them here in this rulebook to make sure everyone is informed about the possible penalties that can be given by the admin team.

If a team is breaking the rules and/or does not play fair, this team can have their rankingpoints reducted. As the rulebook cannot cover all possibilities, the amount of points-reduction will be accorded to the severity and, in some cases, the frequency. Examples (but not limited to) in which this is valid: insults, spamming, using horns, unsportsmanlike behaviour, etc.

Two no-shows = tournament-kick (no points reductions are given).

Using cuts
The points for the player who used a cut will be removed from the rankings.

Faker/playing with someone else's account
The points for the faker will be removed from the rankings. A second time will lead to a tournament-kick.

Use of ineligible players
The points for the ineligible player will be removed from the rankings. A second time will lead to a tournament-kick.