Grand Final for Canyon Endurance Premiership Season 7





Maprequest deadline

25/10/2020 23:59 CET

Sign-up deadline

15/11/2020 12:00 CET

Competition start

16/11/2020 20:00 CET

Competition end

17/01/2021 22:00 CET

Stage information
Stage start

17/01/2021 20:00 CET

Stage end

17/01/2021 22:00 CET

The Grand Final will be played between the top teams of the Premier League and the top teams of the Qualification Final.

All three maps will be played for 20 laps. Between the maps there will be a pause of at least five minutes. Players may change between the maps. Scores per map will be the same as during the groupstage.

Map order: ???, ???, ???

Server details
Servername: Canyon Endurance Premiership
Serverlogin: canyonendurance
Location: Netherlands > Noord-Brabant
Password: racingfromhome