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Previous winners of the Endurance Premiership
  • Season 1: Awsomniac (Laurens, Marius89, Pac, riolu)
  • Season 2: WOLVES (AndreFrei, Minato, Talkie, Voyager006)
  • Season 3: Velocity (AndreFrei, Nico, Suiram)
  • Season 4: New Dawn (kApp, Nodd, noreturnticket, Quentin43)
  • Season 5: son (Lars, Marius89, riolu, Taxon)
  • Season 6: Godspeed 1 (Nodd, Quentin43, Talkie, rez)
  • Season 7: Hypeboys 1 (Mebe12, Cloud, Erik, Yogosun)
Mappack for the Season 7 finals

Current competitions

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